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Opportunities and Acres of Diamond

Opportunities and Acres of Diamond

Dr. Conwell’s story ‘Acres of Diamond’ inspired thousands to see where the true treasures of life are. It has been a guiding light for students who are on their way to chase their dreams.


It was mentioned that opportunity does not just come along, it is there all the time – we just have to see it. That each of us has our own ‘Acres of Diamond’.


Looking deeply into our essence brings us to discover those opportunities that will make us richer in life. We all have something that we are really great at, which makes us very unique.


Having this discovery sets our life goals and creates more opportunities to better serve ourselves and others. If only we would realize and develop the land we are standing on. Then we’ll surely save our time and effort in the process.


True wealth comes from the attitude and nobility of attaining it.


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