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How to Change your Limiting Belief

How to Change your Limiting Belief

The limiting belief is like a chain. You must believe that it can be broken.
At one time or another you had a feeling about what something or
someone meant to you. You soon made that feeling strong and certain.
This began to control your attitude toward that person or thing. This
formed strong chains in your mind and you’ve lived with it. And
ultimately, their words and actions carry the weight of gold in your

We have all had hurtful and negative words spoken to us by parents,
teachers, peers, colleagues and sometimes total strangers. Words
spoken with such intensity and emotion, that the frowned face and the
words created such an unforgettable memory. Words that stick in your
head and you try hard as you can to shake them off without success.
The thoughts play on and on in your mind like a broken record and you
wish you could scratch that CD or DVD so that it will never ever play

The problem with these words, is that when we are unable to leave
them in the past and we continue to replay them in our own head or
hear them enough from other people, we actually believe them to be
true. Pretty soon, these words begin to define how you see yourself and
even who you are.


You and I have stories we’ve told ourselves. We made the story up from
our circumstances and environment.

Stories like:
I can’t do this or that because of…
 Weight, height etc.
 Finances or lack of it.
 Education.
 Disability.
 Colour of skin.
 Other family situations.

If you’ve been told that you are a failure and believed it, then you’ll
never take a risk to change your life until you change your thinking.
What is fundamental to your health and becoming stress free is to deal

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