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Expressing Gratitude & Giving Thanks

Expressing Gratitude & Giving Thanks

There are lots of things happening around – good and bad. There are circumstances we feel sorry about while there are also events we should be thankful for. No matter what, simply express your gratitude. Begin to:

  • Think of the things you can be grateful and thankful for.
  • Suspend thoughts on what you want or what you don’t have.
  • Be thankful: for your life, your health, even as it is now.
  • For your children, family (some don’t have any)
  • For your job, career or business.
  • For friends, colleagues etc.

This attitude of thankfulness has tremendous healing power you may have never experienced in your life until now. It can be expressed in what is called prayer. WHAT IS PRAYER? Download our eBook to learn more.


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