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Eleven Signs that Show You are Stressed

Eleven Signs that Show You are Stressed

Stress is something that has been around from the beginning of time, and we might be walking around without noticing that we have been stressed beyond limit. Most people nowadays live under chronic stress, to the extent that our bodies hardly distinguish between things we face in daily life and the true stress we encounter.

Although we might not be able to notice the stress, it is still something that is harming us. The end result of allowing such stress to go unattended to will be bringing in more problems that will last longer on the body system. Prolonged stress makes us look very old while we are actually young.
If you are exposed to so much stress, you might get to a point where you won’t even notice that we are stressed out. It is better to pay attention to the signals the body pass to us when stressed out so that we can tackle the causes quickly.

Below are signs you are stressed out:
1. You’re having funky dreams
If you keep having weird dreams and more scary dreams rather than calm and happy dreams, then it might be a sign that you are stressed, and you shouldn’t overlook such a dream. When you are stressed too much, certain hormones will be released in the body and they will make your dreams more scary.

2. You’re addicted to social media
This might sound strange to you, but actually, if you spend more time on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms and avoiding interactions with others, then you will be increasing your stress levels.

3. Your skin keeps breaking out
Although anyone can have acne, but if you are over stressed, the amount of acne on your body will increase surprisingly, making you look odd. Stress stimulates the adrenal glands to produce DHEA, and this leads to breakouts, which is bad for you.

4. You’ve got a pain in the neck/back
How you feel has a great impact on how you hold your body. When we are stressed up, our muscles become tensed, and this leads to seizure of our body, and in the long run, it can lead to joint and back pains. So anytime you experience back pain without engaging in rigorous exercises, it could be due
to stress.

5. You’re micro-managing your partner/kids/work colleagues
When you are actively trying to control others by being actively involved in their activities, this might make you multitask, and thereby, increasing your stress levels.

6. You’re suddenly scared of something that’s never bothered you before
Anytime you start getting scared of little things that you usually overlook before, then you could be pushing yourself too hard and undergoing stress. You might begin to lose confidence in little things you usually do without any trouble before. Such is likely to be caused by stress.

7. You’ve become a coach potato
If you suddenly become cold and start staying alone, probably lying down in a cushion for longer periods, then it might be a sign that you are stressed out.

8. You can’t help over indulging
When you are stressed out, one of the symptoms might be over indulging in food, drinks and other things.

9. You’re overly ‘busy’
Do you find yourself panting up and down, looking for something to do? Do you disregard sitting down in one place without finding something to distract you? If yes, then that’s a sign that you are stressed out.

10. You can’t shake that cold
Stress has a way of supressing your immune system, therefore, anytime you find yourself catching cold when engaged in a task for so long, think again, it might be due to stress.

11. You’ve gone of sex
Stress has been known to kill sexual drive and reduce interest in your partner. Anytime you lose interest for sex after completing a heavy task, see it as a sure sign.

What to do if you are stressed? Are you experiencing any of these signs? If yes, then don’t ignore them. Anytime you are stressed, the following will help:
1. Get that believe and understanding that you are in charge.
2. Know the things that triggers stress for you.
3. Live a healthy life, avoid nicotine, alcohol and other substances.
4. Make judicious use of your time, always have a planned day.
5. Be honest with yourself when promising on a task. Promise only what you
can deliver.
6. Take time out.
7. Work on the things you can control, accept the ones that are beyond your
8. Slash down contact with situations that increase your stress.
9. Have a positive approach to issues.
10. Seek counselling if you can.

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