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3 Ways of Reacting to a Problem

3 Ways of Reacting to a Problem

We all have bad days, good days and so-so days. We all feel overwhelmed at times but stress, depression, and even suicide happen in the lives of people young and old. Problems affects people too much it can get them down. We feel tense, fearful, or angry because things are changing—they seem out of control.

Here are some basic ways of reacting to any problem:

  1. You can get angry – scream, shout, throw things, start a fight, or go on a rampage. It brings temporary relief but this aggression can result to trouble in relationships and even in yourself in the long run. Above all these is that it can’t solve the problem you experienced.
  2. You can withdraw – take a drink, shut up in a room, take a pill, daydream, stop talking to everyone. It’s normal to react, “Just leave me alone!” But if it goes on for a long time, we are without what we need most—sharing, understanding, and help. Alone with a problem, we feel like no one cares. The depression and anger become worse, and we begin to make bad choices instead of healthy ones.
  3. You can take charge – think out the problem, try to find a solution, ask for help, or work for change. They don’t solve the problem directly but you can blow off steam and now you can lay out the problem and try to solve in a clear mind.

We all have experience on these things and what makes us different from the other is how we react to negative encounters of life. How do you react to problems? Share us in the comments below and sign up for more stress busters!

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